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Ballet Summer Intensive in Spokane 2023

Ballet Summer Intensive in Spokane 2023

Is your dancer ready to take their ballet training to the next level? Every summer dancers who attend the July Summer Intensive at Ballet Arts Academy make marked improvement with their ballet training. They focus the month of July on pointe work or pre-pointe work and ballet technique. Stretch and strengthening sessions augment their training and they focus on specific ballet corrections with out distraction of school homework and deadlines.

This July, for 3 weeks, dancers will dedicate and focus their energy on ballet specific training. Students will participate in ballet technique, pointe/pre-pointe, Nutcracker Variations, stretch and strengthening and contemporary ballet.

You may choose to enroll in 1, 2 or 3 weeks. Register by May 31st for the best price (price increases by $30 on June 1st). The most progress will be made with enrollment in all three weeks.

Has your child expressed they want to make more rapid progression? Have they struggled with pirouettes? Do they desire to pursue a professional career? Have you wondered about the role of expensive summer intensives? Dancers often do not need to leave their town, to study at an expensive summer intensive. There is a time and place for these intensives. Many students will benefit from training with their local ballet studio, gaining all experience and knowledge from their teachers during dedicated summer sessions. It is sometimes beneficial to train under a different instructor for a short time, so that corrections are explained using different visual pictures and explanations. They can then apply these corrections in their regular ballet classes and studios. If you find that your dancer is the best in the class and at the top of their ballet studio then it may be time to seek training at a more challenging school and possibly train away at a summer intensive.

If your child truly wants to pursue a professional career then research is essential for the parents. All ballet training is not created equal. A wise friend, a prior competitive gymnast, said that you need to seek out the very best training in your local area. Often times, the price difference will be minimal, and you will be spending your time and energy on training that will give your child the very best possible chances for success. Research the curriculum used and if professional dancers graduated from studios that use this curriculum.

Nutcracker Ballet Camp

Nutcracker Ballet Camp

The Nutcracker is returning to Ballet Arts Academy December 2022. Many young dancers have missed the opportunity to audition the last few years due to COVID and cancellations. We want to properly preparation young dancers for their first big audition. We are excited to offer a week long Nutcracker Ballet Camp this August. Camp will run for 2 hours in the evening August 15-19 from 5:00-7:00pm. Dancers will take daily ballet classes and learn role specific choreography. Our hope is to expose young dancers to steps they may encounter during the audition. They will also learn what to expect during an audition, what to wear, how to behave and how to thank their auditioner. We can not guarantee they will land their dream role, however, we hope to make them more comfortable by sharing with them the audition process.

The Nutcracker Audition will be on August 20th. 12:00 registration and 1:00-3:00 audition time.

Summer Dance Camps for ages 3.5-7

Summer Dance Camps for ages 3.5-7

It is that time of year again. Spring is here and the sun is shining. Now is the time to register your children for fun summer camps and activities. We have a great offering of ballet camps and summer ballet classes for ages 3.5-7. Our online registration makes it simple to sign up.

Moana Ballet Camp June 27-July 1st

Our Big Sister ballet camps are the highlight of the summer for our little dancers and their teen Big Sisters. And truth be told, the adult staff look forward to these weeks just as much as the kids. First up is Moana Ballet Camp. Little dancers will dance and twirl to music from Moana. They will play and craft with their dance Big Sisters who will be dressed in costume and assisting them through out the week. If you register and pay in full by April 30th your little one receives a free Moana Costume. This camp is 1:30-3:00 Monday through Friday. $180

Nutcracker Ballet Camp August 15-19

The second Big Sister Camp of the summer is our Nutcracker Ballet Camp. We are so excited to be hosting a Nutcracker performance Christmas 2022. In celebration of the Nutcracker return to Ballet Arts we are holding a Nutcracker Camp. Young dancers will dance, play, and craft with their big sisters to the iconic Nutcracker music. Camp is 5:00-6:30 daily. Dancers who are at least 6 years old are encouraged to audition for The Nutcracker on Saturday August 20th. $180

Summer Ballet Classes

Are you interested in continuing your child’s training with on going summer ballet classes? We have two sessions to choose from. Choose one that fits around your vacation and lake time or choose both to fill up your summer with ballet fun. Creative Movement Class are for ages 3.5-4. Pre-Ballet is for ages 5-7.

Creative Movement Summer Session #1 – Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-5:30. Class dates June 21, 23, 28, 30, July 12, 14. (6 lessons) $80. The studio will be closed July 4-9 so no classes will take place this week.

Creative Movement Summer Session #2 – Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-5:30. Class dates July 19, 21, 26, 28. (4 lessons) $55

Pre-Ballet Summer Session #1 – Tuesday and Thursday 5:15-6:00. Class dates June 21, 23, 28, 30, July 12, 14. (6 lessons) $95. The studio will be closed July 4-9 so no classes will take place this week.

Pre-Ballet Summer Session #2 – Tuesday and Thursday 5:15-6:00. Class dates July 19, 21, 26, 28, Aug 2, 4. (6 lessons) $95

Sleeping Beauty Ballet

Sleeping Beauty Ballet

Ballet Arts Academy Jr. Sr. Company present a Sleeping Beauty Ballet Suite Friday February 18th 6 PM.

For the very first time, The Parents of Ballet Arts Academy are offering this performance to the public.

Pieces that will be included in this ballet suite: Violente Fairy, Crumbles Fairy, Candide Fairy, Lilac Fairy, Aurora’s Rose Adagio, The Flower Waltz, Puss n Boots and White Cat Pas de Deux, and Act 3 Wedding Pas de Deux.

Our male dancers have been working hard on their partnering skills and are sure to impress you. Puss n Boots will even perform a shoulder sit with White Cat! We invite all of our local ballet students to come enjoy and be inspired by the beauty of this special ballet. We are excited to present this ballet in a larger venue at the Spokane Community College’s Lair Auditorium for friends, family, ballet enthusiasts and the public to enjoy.

Tickets are on sale through Eventbrite for $15. Masks are required by the venue.

Jr. Sr. Company Schedule for Sleeping Beauty

Jr. Sr. Company Schedule for Sleeping Beauty

These are the important dates for our Company members for our upcoming Sleeping Beauty Performance



Jan 20 6:30-8:00 (Sr. Comp)

Jan 21 4:00-6:30 (Jr. Sr. Comp – snow day makeup)

Jan 22 10:00-1:30 (Jr. Comp) 10:00-2:45 (Sr. Comp)

Jan 27 6:30-8:00 (Sr. Comp)

Jan 29 10:00-1:30 (Jr. Comp)

11:30-12:30 (Pages)

10:00-2:45 (Sr. Comp)

Feb 3 6:30-8:00 (Sr. Comp)

6:30-7:00 (Pages)

Feb 5th 10:00-1:30 (Jr. Comp)

11:30-12:30 (Pages)

10:00-2:45 (Sr. Comp)

Feb 10th 5:00-6:30 Jr. Sr. Company Class

6:30-8:00 (Jr. & Sr. Company Rehearsal)

6:30-7:30 (Pages)


10:00-11:00 Company Class

11:30-1:30 Dress Rehearsal (Jr. Sr. Company) (Pages arrive at 11:00 and get into costume)

*****Feb 18th Performance ********

12:00-1:00 Company Class at BAA studio (yes you need to get out of school early)

load up costumes and drive to SCC

1:30 load into dressing rooms (Pages arrive at SCC)

2:00-4:30 Run through the show

4:30 Picture with Scott Martinez (possibly)

5:00 Dinner, rest before show

5:30 in costume, make up and hair done

6:00 Performance (Pages please arrive at 3:15)

7:00 Photos with Scott Martinez on the stage if we do not get them before.

Feb 19th Tea Party and Performance

10:00-11:00 Company Class,

11:00-11:30 lunch break

11:30-1:45 Run through (no costume)

1:45 Get into Costume

2:30 Performance with tea party following

4:00 Help with clean up at the end of tea party

Feb 20th Sleep All Day and Celebrate a Job Well Done!

Can’t wait to see all of the hard work from the dancers, parent volunteers and Mimi.