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2023-2024 academic year is off to a great start

2023-2024 academic year is off to a great start

Thank you to all of our returning and new families who have navigated the crazy first week of school. It is a heroic feat to transport littles from school to ballet, remembering all of their ballet gear. I have seen the tired frantic look on some of your faces. I see you checking your planners to make sure your child is in the correct place at the correct time. You are doing an incredible job! Ballet Arts Academy extends all of the grace as we settle into our new 2023-2024 ballet schedule. Below is a picture of the schedule and the schedule overview has been updated. You can find it on our website under classes – schedule overview.

Jr. Sr. Company Schedule for Sleeping Beauty

Jr. Sr. Company Schedule for Sleeping Beauty

These are the important dates for our Company members for our upcoming Sleeping Beauty Performance



Jan 20 6:30-8:00 (Sr. Comp)

Jan 21 4:00-6:30 (Jr. Sr. Comp – snow day makeup)

Jan 22 10:00-1:30 (Jr. Comp) 10:00-2:45 (Sr. Comp)

Jan 27 6:30-8:00 (Sr. Comp)

Jan 29 10:00-1:30 (Jr. Comp)

11:30-12:30 (Pages)

10:00-2:45 (Sr. Comp)

Feb 3 6:30-8:00 (Sr. Comp)

6:30-7:00 (Pages)

Feb 5th 10:00-1:30 (Jr. Comp)

11:30-12:30 (Pages)

10:00-2:45 (Sr. Comp)

Feb 10th 5:00-6:30 Jr. Sr. Company Class

6:30-8:00 (Jr. & Sr. Company Rehearsal)

6:30-7:30 (Pages)


10:00-11:00 Company Class

11:30-1:30 Dress Rehearsal (Jr. Sr. Company) (Pages arrive at 11:00 and get into costume)

*****Feb 18th Performance ********

12:00-1:00 Company Class at BAA studio (yes you need to get out of school early)

load up costumes and drive to SCC

1:30 load into dressing rooms (Pages arrive at SCC)

2:00-4:30 Run through the show

4:30 Picture with Scott Martinez (possibly)

5:00 Dinner, rest before show

5:30 in costume, make up and hair done

6:00 Performance (Pages please arrive at 3:15)

7:00 Photos with Scott Martinez on the stage if we do not get them before.

Feb 19th Tea Party and Performance

10:00-11:00 Company Class,

11:00-11:30 lunch break

11:30-1:45 Run through (no costume)

1:45 Get into Costume

2:30 Performance with tea party following

4:00 Help with clean up at the end of tea party

Feb 20th Sleep All Day and Celebrate a Job Well Done!

Can’t wait to see all of the hard work from the dancers, parent volunteers and Mimi.

Interested in ballet?

Interested in ballet?

Has your child been begging to begin ballet classes? Unsure where to go, or where to start? Not a ballet dancer yourself? Not even sure what happens in a ballet class beyond cute children in tiny leotards twirling around?

As a ballet mom I was in the exact same place almost 14 years ago.

Are we the right studio for you?

Ballet Arts Academy is a Spokane, WA dance school that focuses on classical ballet training. This is in contrast to dance studios that simply offer ballet.  What does that mean for you? If your child is looking to dabble in different styles of dance: tap, jazz, hip hop and ballet, then we are not the studio for you. However, if you are interested in a ballet school that teaches a proven ballet curriculum and is passionate about technical training, then you have come to the right place.

What will my child learn in class?

Our youngest ballet students will learn gross motor skills such as, marching, jumping, hopping, skipping, galloping, and tip toe walking. They will also learn how to keep time with music and memorize simple choreography.  In addition, preschool age students will learn how to listen and follow directions. This important skill will benefit them as they enter their formal academic environments. Most importantly, your children will fall in love with their ballet instructors and friends and will ask you daily when the next ballet class is.

What happens at the end of ballet class?

At the end of ballet class tiny dancers excitedly exit ballet class with huge smiles on their faces. They run to mom and dad for a hug and show them the sticker they received from class. I watch as dancers stand on their toes and twirl around. And time and time again, parents tell me their children wake up in the morning asking “Is today ballet day?” These scenarios truly make my job fulfilling. 

How much does ballet cost?

Creative Movement (ages 3.5-4yrs) 30 min weekly classes $55 per month

Pre-Ballet 1 (ages 5-6yrs) 45 min weekly classes $65 per month

Pre-Ballet 2 (ages 6-7) 45 min weekly classes $65 per month

Ballet 1 (minimum age 7yrs) 1 hr weekly classes $85 per month

There is an annual registration fee of $30 due at time of enrollment

Costume fee (optional) approximately $70 (due in January)

Recital Fee (optional) approximately $50-$90 (due in January)

What are my next steps?

If you are ready to take the next step and get your little one started in ballet please do one of two things.

  1. Register for our Holiday Special Free Trial Class Sat Dec 11 11:00am or Mon Dec 13 5:30pm
  2. Register for a $5 Trial Ballet Class (you will be contacted by staff within 48 hrs to schedule a time)…or
  3. Look at our schedule HERE and register straight into the class of your choosing and click Trial. You will only be charged $5 and will be sent your informational email without the need to be contacted by staff.

We are so excited that you are here and we hope that you are able to Imagine your child’s face on their first day of ballet.

Further Questions email us

Becoming Family

Becoming Family

Every summer Ballet Arts Academy offers August Open Ballet Classes. This is for our current dancers to keep up their training but allows for vacation time. It is also a great way for Spokane dancers to try out the studio to see what a ballet class at our studio is like. My own daughter was researching studios several years back and I remember her nervously attending an August Open Class. Many things in class were new to her but I remember her leaving class with flushed cheeks and a huge smile on her face. She had worked so hard and she looked so happy. She mentioned a few months later, “I had no idea I love Classical Ballet.”

I asked two of our current students about their first experiences with BAA and this is what they wrote.

About a year ago I tried Ballet Arts Academy’s summer open ballet classes for the first time. I was looking to improve my training and become a more serious dancer. When I walked into the studio I was struck by the big chandeliers, framed paintings, and walls of schedules. In class, I watched the advanced dancers who knew exactly what they were doing and where they were going. The corrections Miss Mimi gave were direct and clear. After trying two weeks of classes I was sold. I wanted to be a Ballet Arts Academy student. I wanted to be a part of the community. A year later, I am so grateful for the opportunity to dance alongside all the lovely and talented students who are now some of my closest friends.

~ Grace Schneider ~


I first came to Ballet Arts Academy last year after wanting to take my ballet training to the next level. My first class with the studio was an open ballet class in August, and before hand I was very nervous about being in a different learning environment and meeting new people. However, after the first day of classes, my worries were gone and I knew BAA was where I wanted to stay. Not only were the classes fun and challenging, but the students and staff were very welcoming. In my first three open classes at BAA I made strong friendships, received professional training from very talented and experienced teachers, and improved more than ever before. We also worked on performance in the open classes, and learned a variation from the ballet “Paquita”, which is included in the repertoire of many professional ballet companies. Since then, I have attended BAA year round and received amazing training from the proven CPYB curriculum, a system many professional dancers have trained through. I have also reached many of my goals, including being accepted to the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Summer Course. I have a new found confidence in myself and my dancing thanks to BAA, and I know that with the training they are giving me and other dancers I am on track to achieve my dreams.

~ Emme Schumacher ~

We have two weeks of Open Ballet Classes remaining in August. If you or your intermediate/advanced dancer is interested in seeing first hand the curriculum and training offered at BAA we invite you to attend.

Register Here

2021-2022 School Schedule

2021-2022 School Schedule

2021-2022 School Schedule

Please refer to this school schedule when looking at class times that meet more than 1 time per week. Currently our studio software is unable to post different start times on different days. We hope this color coded schedule will be easy for you to see what classes are taking place throughout the week.

Brand New?

Are you new to Ballet Arts Academy? We invite you to trial a ballet class for $5. Please click on the trial link at the bottom of this page to claim a $5 trial class and you will be contacted within 48 hrs. If you know the class that you would like to trial, you may skip a step and register straight into the class. When doing so select TRIAL and make a note of which calendar date you would like to trial. You will only be charged $5. If you have questions about class placement you may email us at You may also read more information about ballet classes and fees here.

Class Name Change

For our existing families we have changed the name of our Beginning Ballet Class. It is now called Pre-Ballet 2. We are trying to make names understandable, though I know it is still a learning curve.

Older Child…not sure where to start?

If you have a beginning ballet student please start at Ballet 1 if they are at least 7 years old. This is the class that lays the ground work for all future classes. Even if you have a 13 year old Ballet 1 is often the place to start, though they may choose to take additional classes during the week for faster progress. A private lesson may be just the thing to accelerate learning. However, each child is different and there is no cookie cutter approach. If you do have an older dancer who is interested in ballet please reach out to us by phone or email and we can talk about options to help them get started.


$5 Trial Class REGISTER HERE


Ballet Arts Academy Covid-19 Procedures

Ballet Arts Academy Covid-19 Procedures

Are you wondering what Ballet Arts Academy is doing to mitigate the spread of the Corona Virus? We have put together a short video for you. We were able to try out these procedures during our two week summer intensive. The students have done a great job adjusting to our new social distancing, hand washing/sanitizing and mask wearing.