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Ballet Arts Academy students enrolled in ballet class are taught from the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet curriculum. A proven curriculum developed by renowned Founder Marcia Dale Weary designed to progress your skills and prepare you for success in the dance world and beyond. Our teachers provide multi faceted comprehensive training perfecting technique, building physical strength, and developing artistry. At Ballet Arts Academy we recognize the deep power of training and education. It is a value that is immeasurable when producing the next generation of ballet artists, along with the next generation of citizens. Here we seek not only to introduce ballet to potential dancers, but to give those dancers a real chance at developing their unique skills to help them succeed both in the dance world and in adulthood.

Ballet Arts Academy offers a variety of classes to young dancers ages 3 1/2 years old to young adult. The school year is divided into 3 TRIMESTERS of 12 weeks of dance instruction each. Prospective students have the opportunity to try a complementary class to see if our school is a good fit and to determine correct class placement. Complementary classes must be scheduled in advance to insure availability. Please read through our studio polices for more information.

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